Parallel cable robots for industrial applications


Duration: 2:48 | © Universität Stuttgart, ISW | Source: YouTube
Cable robots are special parallel robots that use cables instead of prismatic joints to move the platform. The platform can be positioned and orientated within the frame by predefined motion of cables. High platform speeds of up to 30 m/s and accelerations of up to 400 m/s^2 are possible due to the low moving masses and inertia. In addition, the entire drive technology can be attached to the fixed machine frame, so that the moving mass is reduced to the moving platform, cables and a few parts of actuation systems. Cable robots are mainly used for handling and sorting tasks where large workspaces, loads or high dynamic properties are required. High payloads of more than 500 kg can be transported over long distances of more than 100 m with the appropriate design of the cables, cable-routing mechanisms and drives. Due to these properties, cable robots are also suitable for the productive use of additive manufacturing technologies in the construction industry, for example.
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