RoboCoaster RCX G2


Duration: 1:36 | © University of Stuttgart, ISW | Source: YouTube

As the successor of the original RoboCoaster, the popular amusement park ride, the RoboCoaster RCX G1 (small rides) and RCX G2 (large theme park rides) systems have at heart a specially conceived and developed robot that fully complies with the EN 13814 standard. Possible applications of the robot include usage as a fixed flat ride or on a track as an advanced dark ride. Effortless and precise motion synchronization with different media sources or show elements and motion interactivity are the key enablers of new generation amusement park ride concepts based on the RoboCoaster RCX. The ISW has co-created the RCX together with RoboCoaster Ltd. right from the concept phase. The full kinematic and dynamic analysis including a dynamic synthesis to enable easy component selection and cost driven design have been the major tasks of ISW in the first conceptual phase alongside the development of a state of the art controls architecture targeted for use in the entertainment industry. As the concept maturated to a product specification and then later to a product ISW had the leading role in developing and implementing both the motion control system and the safety control system, the human machine interface and the interfaces for communicating with external devices such as media servers or other show elements.

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