Development of a software-based method for a combined kinematic-dynamic material flow simulation

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ISW: Dynamic simulation

ISG: Kinematic simulation


Material flow simulation (MFS) serves for modelling of material movements in logistical systems in space and time. It is used for performance measurement and optimization, e.g. in production and assembly processes, in warehouses, conveyor systems and distribution centers. MFS processes are deployed for planning and design of production and logistics facilities, during the implementation phase, for example for developing unit controls, in ongoing operationss for planning and optimizing, and in connection with modernization or modification measures.

In current practice it is basically possible to execute material flow simulations in two separate steps (first based on a kinematic model and then, for small subproblems, on a dynamic model). However, this approach does not totally eliminate the mentioned disadvantages and only presents a not very effictive compromise. The material flow applications to be analyzed have to be modelled twice, oftentimes in different software programs. Since in a dynamic material flow simulation only a part of the MF application can be considered, there is a strong probability that the simulation is not consistent with the real dynamic model. Therefore, there is high interest in a MFS method, which combines the advantages of both principles and elimates their disadvantages at the same time. This is where the described R&D project comes into play.