Title: Industrial cloud-based control platform for production with cyber-physical systems
Akconym: pICASSO
Website: http://www.projekt-picasso.de


In today’s production plants prevails a hierarchical separation between the individual control layers in regard to the control architecture. In each control layer new setpoint settings for the underlying layer are computed by means of static algorithms based on actual values. Consequently, in modern production, control is always effected top-down. The single controls are self-contained units, which can exchange mostly statically configured information via a multitude of interfaces. In addition, each control has a predefined functional range and computing power. This results in significant restrictions of the company’s production.


The objective of the research project is enabling efficiency gains by a flexible provision of control technology for cyber-physical systems within the industrial production. The existing monolithic control technology is broken up, modularized and extended by mechanisms of cloud computing, e.g. central data processing and service-oriented software architectures. Thus, the expert knowledge available at the plant manufacturer or centrally within the company can be optimally used. A cloud-based control offers a suitable basis for networking and provision of computing power for cyber-physical systems in production engineering.


SOTEC Software Entwicklungs GmbH + Co Mikrocomputertechnik KG SOA architecture, cloud computing, scaling
Robert Bosch GmbH Security, validation
robomotion GmbH Communikation, security
Institut für Steuerungstechnik der Werkzeugmaschinen und Fertigungseinrichtungen (ISW), Universität Stuttgart Control architectures, communikation, security, scaling
Reis GmbH & Co KG Maschinenfabrik Robot control, simulation, user integration
Institut für Werkzeugmaschinen und Fabrikbetrieb (IWF), Technische Universität Berlin User interface, user integration
Homag Holzbearbeitungssysteme GmbH Plant control system, control functions
Fraunhofer-Institut für Produktionsanlagen und Konstruktionstechnik (IPK) Control functions, simulation
Linutronix GmbH Operating system, control architectures

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