Multicore-Controls - Parallelisierung des NC-Kanals zur Ausführung auf Multicore-Architekturen


Parallelization of the NC channel for execution on multicore architectures (PANAMA)

Sponsored by the DFG.


The developments in the area of processor technology have always promoted technological innovations in NC technology. Increasing computing power allowed the extension of the NC channel by better algorithms for path generation and execution and additional functionality. However, the gain in performance per core has come to a stop now. The current increase in computing power is only achieved by providing multiple cores.


By and by, the multicore technology is increasingly used in the area of control engineering. NC controls consisting of HMI (Human Machine Interface), PLC (Programmable Logic Control) and NC kernel are partially executed on multicore CPUs. Since the NC kernel itself does not profit from the performant system platforms, there are NC applications today (e.g. HSC applications that require a large look-ahead), for which the computing power of a single core is not sufficient. The additional gain of computing power by a fine-grained dispersion of functional units of the NC channel among several cores, however, is not possible nowadays. In order to provide adequate computing power to the resource-hungry parts of the NC channel, a parallelization of the subcomponents is needed which exceeds the current degree.


The objective of this research project is therefore to define methods and strategies that can be used for parallelizing the previously sequential function units of the NC channel for path generation. Thus, NC controls benefit from the possible parallel execution and use the performance gain for performing complex methods, for implementin short cycle times and for improving the computing accuracy.

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