Project description

Cloud solutions represent services for the outsourcing of IT resources (e.g. storage space, evaluation software and development platform) through abstraction of an IT infrastructure accessible over a network. The objective of cloud services is basically to enable on one hand a demand-oriented and scalable usage of IT resources, which allows a considerable reduction of the investment and operating costs. On the other hand, the availability of IT resources can be improved because they are always accessible over private or public internet.

In order to meet the requirements of the industry, new innovations are needed regarding the current data transfer into the cloud, since at the moment this occurs by package and continuous data flow is not used. Further innovations are needed due to the accounting system of the cloud, because the protocols employed in current practice (TCP/IP or UDP/IP) are afflicted with a large overhead, especially in case of small data quantities, and thus they are inefficient. Therefore, there is great interest in a solution for a plant-cloud connection, which is cost-efficient and complies with the demands of the industry. This is where the described R&D project comes into play.