ARENA2036 - Forschungsfabrik

Production and lightweight construction in a changing world

Production lines in industry are highly automated and efficient facilities. In the case of car manufacturers, a vehicle results from complex assembly and production steps. The challenges regarding the production of the future are:

  • high variability of products
  • increasing individualization of mass production
  • new construction methods and materials, among other things function-integrated lightweight components
  • different drive systems (gasoline, diesel, gas, battery, hybrid, fuel cell)
  • new patterns of interaction between human and machine
  • resource and energy efficiency in production
  • rapid implementation of new technologies

Research factory inside

The versatile production is the solution: away from line assembly, away from conveyor, towards production concepts that can be changed within days and not months and at low costs.

Objectives of the Research Campus

New production concept subject to „versatility“

  • Methods, tools for planning/configuration/operation of versatile production systems
  • Adaption of lightweight construction methods (LeiFu) to production-technical requirements
  • Technologies from new robot types as basic components for versatile production

 Research Campus: Fusion of R&D

  • 8 stations or modules
  • Control-related integration
  • Planning and establishment of the Research Campus

Wandelbarkeit in der Produktion
Versatility in production