Thomas Reichenbach

Research Assistant "Mechatronic Systems and Processes"
Institute for Control Engineering of Machine Tools and Manufacturing Units


+49 711 685-84524
+49 711 685-74524

Seidenstr. 36
70174 Stuttgart
Room: 5.102

Office Hours

On appointment


  • Kinematics of cable-driven parallel robots
  • Cable-driven parallel robots with endless rotating axes
  • Modeling of mechatronic systems
My publications:
  1. 2019

    1. Reichenbach, T., Tempel, P., Verl, A., & Pott, A. (2019a). On Kinetostatics and Workspace Analysis of Multi-Platform Cable-Driven Parallel Robots with Unlimited Rotation. In C.-H. Kuo (Ed.), Proceedings of the 6th IFToMM International Symposium on Robotics and Mechatronics (By C.-H. Kuo). https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-030-30036-4
    2. Reichenbach, T., & Verl, A. (2019). Umdrehungen ohne Ende. Seilroboter mit endloser Rotationsachse. In P. Eberhard (Ed.), handling (No. 6; p. 24).
    3. Reichenbach, T., Tempel, P., Verl, A., & Pott, A. (2019b). Static Analysis of a Two-Platform Planar Cable-Driven Parallel Robot with Unlimited Rotation. In A. Pott & T. Bruckmann (Eds.), Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Cable-Driven Parallel Robots (By A. Pott & T. Bruckmann). https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-030-20751-9_11
  2. 2017

    1. Claus, D., Mlikota, M., Geibel, J., Reichenbach, T., Pedrini, G., Mischinger, J., … Osten, W. (2017). Large-field-of-view optical elastography using digital image correlation for biological soft tissue investigation. Journal of Medical Imaging, 4(1), 014505. https://doi.org/10.1117/1.jmi.4.1.014505
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