Tim Engelberth

Research Assistant "Mechatronic Systems and Processes"
Institute for Control Engineering of Machine Tools and Manufacturing Units (ISW)


Seidenstr. 36
70174 Stuttgart


  • feed drive systems, especially electrically preloaded rack and pinion drive systems
  • Identification and modeling of the dynamic behavior of actuators and fluidic processes
  • Model-based fault-detection and -diagnosis
  • Real Time Simulation
  1. 2019

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  2. 2018

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  3. 2016

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    2. T. Engelberth, A. Dietmair, and A. Verl, “Modeling and Analysis of Control Valves Applied in Compressor Plants with Consideration of Time-Variable Factors,” Proceedings of the 2016 17th International Conference on Mechatronics - Mechatronika (ME) 2016, 2016.
  4. 2015

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