Mihai Drăgan

Research Assistant "Industrial Control Engineering"
Institute for Control Engineering of Machine Tools and Manufacturing Units


+49 711 685-82406
+49 711 685-82808

Seidenstr. 36
70174 Stuttgart
Room: 4.027


Communication technology: real-time capable industrial networks; TSN.

Fulga, Simina; Dragan, Mihai: “From Manufacturing Industry Needs to Innovations”; in: Enterprise Europe Network: Forumul pentru Inovare: 16-18 oct. 2013, Bucuresti, Romania.

Dragan, Mihai; Budaker, Bernhard; Brix, Jonathan: "Modular and Comfortable Electromobility"; Proceedings of the International Exhibition and Conference for Power Electronics, Intelligent Motion, Renewable Energy and Energy Management, 10-12 May 2016, Nuremberg; p. 386-392; VDE Verlag GmbH Berlin, Offenbach; 2016. ISBN 978-3-8007-4186-1.

Christoph Bolsinger, Jonathan Brix, Mihai Dragan, Kai Peter Birke, Investigating and modeling the transmission channel of a prismatic lithium-ion cell and module for powerline communication, Journal of Energy Storage, Volume 10, April 2017, Pages 11-19, ISSN 2352-152X. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.est.2016.12.001.

Alexander Verl (Chair); Mihai Dragan (Programmkomitee); International Federation of Robotics u.a.; Proceedings for the joint 45th International Symposium on Robotics ISR 2014 and the 8th GERMAN Conference on Robotics - ROBOTIK 2014, Munich, 2-3 June 2014. VDE Verlag Berlin, Offenbach; 2014. ISBN 978-3-8007-3601-0.

Alexander Verl (Chair); Mihai Dragan (Organizing Commitee); International Federation of Robotics u. a.; Proceedings for the 47th International Symposium on Robotics. Robotics in the era of digitalization, 21-22 June 2016, Munich, Germany, VDE Verlag 2016. ISBN 978-3-8007-4231-8.

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